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At Cerebrum Matter, our comprehensive brainwave-based technological solutions help industry-leading companies and individuals achieve greater success. Our platform has a wide range of features that were created with an aim to help you live independently. In order to empower our users to do better, Cerebrum Matter is continually building upon its technology, by validating our products with clinical trials conducted with both healthy volunteers and patients with early symptoms of dementia. Each feature in the software design is patient specific and is tested with Dementia patients to provide a product that will help in solving the issue. so stay in touch to learn about upgrades and other changes. For a free demo, contact us today.




              COSMA Software


COSMA Gaming Software is aimed at the intervention of early dementia symptoms under clinical validation via very personalised therapy.

It is purely focused on improving the cognition of the elderly and the early dementia patients.










    Neurofeedback Headset


A hardware headset that monitors the brain region activation during COSMA   play and provides positive cognitive individualised therapy.

Each patient develops different symptoms of dementia, with our COSMA Neurofeedback each individual is treated for their specific symptoms and the brain regions most affected.

The aim is to reduce the early symptoms of dementia thereby delaying the progression of the disease.