Digital Cognitive Technology


for elderly and people with onset dementia symptoms


Welcome to Cerebrum Matter, the advanced MedTech Startup paving the way to the future of digital cognitive technology for healthy ageing and preventative technology for onset symptoms of dementia. We believe that our sophisticated technology has the potential to become an industry sensation. Would you like to find out more? Explore our website today.

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Changing the Game of Ageing


While the ‘brain training’ software market is relatively crowded, Cerebrum Matter will have a clinically validated product classified as a medical device, providing a potential avenue to penetrate the market and become leaders in the Cognitive Market for elderly and onset dementia therapeutic treatments. Our innovative approach to digital healthcare has the potential to be industry redefining.

The Possibilities Are Endless




Smart solutions are at the core of all that we do at Cerebrum Matter. Our main goal is to use our Brainwave technology to build a better tomorrow for the ageing society, and be the preventive Innovative industry with the growing population of Dementia, Globally.


5, Oakwood Drive, ATIC Building,
Loughborough, England
LE11 3QF


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